Product Material
The main body of Lucidomes is made of polycarbonate (PC) and aluminum profile. Polycarbonate has the characteristics of flame retardancy, high toughness, high strength, non-toxicity and no odor, and it is the basic material for making bulletproof glass. The surface of aluminum profile is hard anodized, with high hardness and good weather resistance.
Product Service Life
The Lucidomes is mainly used outdoors, and the life expectancy can reach 30 years under regular cleaning and maintenance.
Prodcut Safety
Different from the ordinary transparent bubble tents on the market, Our transparent PC dome does not need to be inflated, and it has strong impact resistance. The product can withstand 500kg pressure, and the wind resistance level is 10, which can be used safely under thunderstorm, snow, desert and other harsh outdoor conditions.
Ventilation and Indoor Temperature
Lucidomes is equipped with 2 windows and a screen window door to ensure the natural indoor air circulation. Besides, the indoor exhaust fan is installed to ensure the air circulated. If the windows and the door are closed, the indoor temperature will be about 10° higher than the outdoor environment. Therefore, in hot areas, it is recommended to install air conditioner indoors.
Privacy Protection
Our transparent dome comes standard with side curtains and top curtains. The curtains can be closed when the customer rests. The top curtain of 3M dome is manually opened and closed, and the 4M and 5M top curtains are wireless remote control electric opening and closing.
Delivery Time
30 sets of the transparent domes will be delivered within 20 days after the contract is signed. For more than 30 sets of delivery, please consult the sales staff for separate accounting.
Under normal use environment, the PC and aluminum parts of the Lucidomes will be provided with a 3-year warranty from the date of shipment; if the use environment is high-corrosion places such as seaside and salt lake, please communicate with the sales staff in advance.
Cleaning and Maintenance
Lucdiomes transparent house products are waterproof and can be used to directly flush surface dust with a low pressure water gun and air dry. Do not use a towel, brush or other rough and sharp objects to wipe the surface of the PC, otherwise it will easily cause scratches and affect the aesthetics of the product.
How to Install
The Lucidomes transparent geodesic domes are modularized, shipped in pieces, and assembled on site. The installation is fast and easy, please refer to the installation instructions or installation video provided by our sales; The installation platform needs flat and sturdy, generally used is a wooden or a cement platform.
The product comes standard with polycarbonate transparent parts, aluminum profile base, smart door lock, curtain system, exhaust fan; Indoor floor and furnitures are not involved.
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