Our History
Lucidomes Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic forming manufacturer. Our company has more than ten years experience in polycarbonate blister molding. Currently, Our factory area is about 2000㎡, and we have 50 employees, and various professional molding processing equipments; In the early days, we are mainly engaged in the molding of PC products for various types of construction projects, such as lighting hoods, PC shaped curtain walls, highway wind barriers, etc. Since 2015, Our company has established an industrial design team and started to develop transparent dome products. After several iterations of product upgrades, we officially launched the LUCI series of transparent domes in 2019, and established the LUCIDOMES brand to start global promotion.
Our Service
Our company has professional industrial design and landscape designers. From the introduction of the previous projects, we can provide customers with professional planning advice and assist customers to complete the camp layout planning. At the same time, for customers with individual needs, we can provide special customized services to design and develop unique product styles for customers.
Our Projects
Our company specializes in the research and development of polycarbonate materials. Around transparent PC products, we have developed a series of products such as transparent cruise ships and customized transparent domes. At present, our products have been widely used in various tourist attractions around the world, constantly creating value for customers.
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