What's Lucidomes ?
Imagine that seeing the starry sky when lying in bed.
Lucidomes is the world's first 360° transparent & frameless polycarbonate(PC)dome. The all-transparent design allows users to enjoy the natural scenery without leaving the dome house, while the electric curtain system is internally configured to ensure personal privacy.
Meet many different applications
The Lucidomes series of transparent domes are currently available in 2M, 3M, 4M, 5M and 8M diameters. Transparent hotels, igloo, greenhouse, children's playgrounds, bars, event pop-ups. Different size of transparent dome can meet a variety of application needs. The indoor area of Lucidomes ranges from 3.14㎡ to 50㎡ and can accommodate up to 20 people (@8M diameter) at the same time.
Lucidomes 2M transparent dome house
Lucidomes 3M transparent dome house
Lucidomes 4M transparent dome house
Lucidomes 5M transparent dome house
Lucidomes 8M transparent dome house
Flexible Connect
Lucidomes has a patented connection structure that allows products of any size to be spliced together to form a connection within the room. In theory, the product can realize an infinite variety of splicing methods, and can freely create a variety of indoor application spaces.
Flexible Connect
Almost the safest dome house in the market
The Lucdiomes is made of polycarbonate, which has high toughness, high strength, high weather resistance and flame retardancy, and which is often used to make transparent explosion-proof shields, bulletproof glass, and high-end cars window. Different from the ordinary PVC transparent bubble tent on the market, Lucidomes have high impact resistance and good protection performance. It is a very safe shelter when used in the wild.
Stable & Safe
Lucidomes Transparent Glamping dome 01
Lucidomes Transparent Glamping dome 02
Lucidomes Transparent Glamping dome 03
Lucidomes Transparent Glamping dome 04
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